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Billy _Page petition 11_1306_001.JPG
With his request for Jefferson to reprieve Billy, Mann Page included a copy of the indictment, conviction, and sentence from the Prince William County Court.

Billy 12_1070_001.JPG
Thomas Jefferson granted a reprieve of Billy until the end of June 1781, and the General Assembly vacated the conviction.

Billy 12_1078_008.JPG
The summary of Billy's trial included the accusation that he "did in Company of & Conjunction with diverse Enemies of the Commonwealth in armed Vessels feloniously & Traiterously Wage & Levy War against the Commonwealth." His lawyers argued that he…

Strother man.jpg
ca. 1862. Pencil and crayon on paper.

Warren Co 070325_21.jpg
On September 13, 1902, the registrar in Warren County asked Charles Wilson Butler, a blacksmith, to explain section 4 of the new state constitution. Butler replied "that you men have no right to refuse to register me." But the registrar wrote that…

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