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On September 13, 1902, the registrar in Warren County asked Charles Wilson Butler, a blacksmith, to explain section 4 of the new state constitution. Butler replied "that you men have no right to refuse to register me." But the registrar wrote that…

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ca. 1862. Pencil and crayon on paper.

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The summary of Billy's trial included the accusation that he "did in Company of & Conjunction with diverse Enemies of the Commonwealth in armed Vessels feloniously & Traiterously Wage & Levy War against the Commonwealth." His lawyers argued that he…

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Thomas Jefferson granted a reprieve of Billy until the end of June 1781, and the General Assembly vacated the conviction.

Billy _Page petition 11_1306_001.JPG
With his request for Jefferson to reprieve Billy, Mann Page included a copy of the indictment, conviction, and sentence from the Prince William County Court.

Citizenship_Indian Kemper ltr 12_1078_006.JPG
W.M. Kemper, executive assistant to the governor of Virginia, wrote to Chief Custalow of the Mattaponi Indian tribe that "all persons living within the Commonwealth" must be counted in the census.
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